Tips From The White Magnolia | How to Tackle Your First Bridal Appointment

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The White Magnolia is one of my favorite bridal boutiques in Atlanta. A few of my sweet clients have found their gowns there and have had wonderful things to say about their experience. Because my brides are loving this boutique so much, I thought I’d check it out myself and attend one of their “Sip & See” events. As I browsed their gorgeous collection I found myself totally jealous of the brides around me. I so wish I could re-live the whole shopping experience!

Amidst the chiffon and beads I kept thinking to myself, "What is it that makes wedding dress shopping such a special process?" and "How can brides ensure it goes smoothly?" I met up with Jordan Plunkett, one of the White Magnolia stylists, to get her advice. As a bridal consultant she’s seen it all. She knows which ingredients make for an enjoyable day and which ones create confusion, fatigue, and frustration. Jordan landed on 3 tips you need to know before heading into your first gown appointment:

Jordan Plunkett, a White Magnolia consultant, showing me some of her favorites!

Jordan Plunkett, a White Magnolia consultant, showing me some of her favorites!

  1. Keep an open mind.
    Jordan related that she’s seen brides spend their entire appointment trying to force a style that just isn’t working, leaving them disillusioned and empty handed. Brides might spend 80 minutes of their 90 minute appointment trying on every tulle gown in the salon, for example, only to discover tulle is not what they want. But by then the appointment is over, and they are back to square one. Jordan’s advice is to give yourself some grace and go in with an open mind. You’ve never tried on wedding gowns before, so it can take some experimenting to figure out which styles you like. Try on a few gowns that fit your vision, but also choose a few you’re drawn to even though they’re totally outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might fall in love with!

  2. Choose something that’s YOU, not just something that’s trendy.
    Pinterest and wedding blogs are helpful tools that allow us to gather inspiration and keep up with trends, but they can also make it difficult to differentiate our individual styles from those of the Pinterest scene. At your bridal appointment it’s important to think about what YOU like, what fits YOUR body and style. Instead of asking yourself, “Could I see this dress could on a wedding blog?” ask yourself, “Do I love this dress?” Furthermore, Jordan mentioned that many of the gowns seen on Pinterest are part of collections dating back a few years, meaning it may not even be possible to find a specific dress from Pinterest if it’s off the market! It’s always best to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration photos rather than photos you want to replicate exactly. Trends come and go, but if you focus on choosing a gown that’s true to who you are (not just true to Pinterest), you will always love it!

  3. Pick your team wisely.
    The friends and family that accompany you to bridal appointments have a heavy influence on this special shopping experience. Take a few minutes to think about who you’d like to invite and how they may impact the selection process. Are you more soft-spoken and agreeable? It may not be a great idea to bring along your super opinionated friend. Are you somewhat indecisive? It could be helpful to bring a trusted friend who can reassure you that your choice is the right one. Whatever your personality, what’s important is that you bring people who want to cheer you on, celebrate you, and support the choice you make.

Shopping for a wedding dress is such a special moment, and putting a little thought into it goes a long way. Keeping an open mind, selecting a gown that reflects your personal style, and bringing a supportive crew will ensure your experience is both productive and joyful. If you’d like to check out the White Magnolia’s collection, head over to their site to make an appointment to try on dresses in their new space!