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Hi there! I'm Rachel.

Slauer Events & Design is a wedding design, planning, and coordination firm based in Atlanta, GA. We value relationship with our clients and want our brides to walk away from every interaction feeling heard, taken care of, and truly excited about what we’re creating together.

My own love for wedding planning began when I got engaged in 2013. For a year and a half, I researched, chose colors and menus, built relationships with local vendors, set timelines and designed floor plans. My fiancé and I hoped deeply for all these pieces to come together as a cohesive celebration of our marriage and families. Even more deeply, we prayed that our wedding would portray the great glory and joy of God's grace-filled love.

I came away from our big day completely in love with weddings. So, I began assisting close friends, and then friends of friends, and then even strangers. Once I had gotten some experience under my belt, I knew it was time to dive in head first and make this my forever career. Get in touch here to join the Slauer Events fam and start planning!



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