Frequently Asked Questions 

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One of my favorite moments is smoothing the bride’s gown and veil before she walks down the aisle. At that point everything is in place, the groom stands at the altar awaiting his bride, the guests’ heads are turning toward the aisle in anticipation, and the bride and her father share a quiet moment before walking into the ceremony. It’s a moment so full of excitement, and I love it! 

Do you travel?

We love to travel for weddings! There is no travel fee if the location is under 80 miles away from our home address in Atlanta. If the location is more than 80 miles away, we’ll need to charge for gas, meals, travel time, and possibly accommodations. We’ll make the trip at least once for a planning meeting and walkthrough, and then 1-2 trips again for the wedding weekend itself. Below are the typical travel fees you’ll see for the following cities.

+ Athens, Georgia - no fee
+ Dahlonega, Georgia - no fee
+ Highlands, North Carolina - $650 (2 nights accommodations)
+ Birmingham, Alabama - $600 (2 nights accommodations)
+ Columbus, Georgia - $255 (no accommodations necessary)
+ Clarkesville, Georgia - $250 (no accommodations necessary)

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Do you charge a flat fee or a percentage?

We always charge a flat fee. We find that charging based on a percentage of the total wedding budget does not foster a relationship of trust between us and our clients, and trust is so important! We never want clients to feel we’re pressuring them to spend more only because it benefits our bottom line. When you sign a contract with Slauer Events & Design, you enter into a partnership where your best interest is the priority, and that includes your budget’s best interest! 

Do you bring an assistant on wedding day?

Always! We even have walkie-talkie headsets so we can communicate with one another from across the venue. We channel our inner J-Lo from that 2001 movie, The Wedding Planner! 

Do you bring a wedding day emergency kit?

Of course! It’s full of bobby pins, lip balm, sewing kits, tide-to-go pens, even extra dress socks for groomsmen… you name it- it’s in there! 

How do I secure my date?

Once you sign your contract and submit your retainer (1/3 of the total contract value), your date is booked and we’re all set!